Grass- cutting at Kempsford



Each year tenders are invited to supply the following service to Kempsford Parish Council for the grass-growing season 

The amount of cuts required is weather dependent and can vary from year to year. As an example, for 2020 the churchyards were cut 14 times, and open spaces 13 times.

Tenders can be submitted as a price per cut, or an annual cost.

KEMPSFORD - Please see attached maps for more details

Section 1: Both churchyards

· Mowing to a height of 1.5” and removal of grass cuttings from site.

· Strimming around graves and head stones.

· Treating of all paths for weeds.

· Tidying of leaves at end of season.

Section 2: Other open spaces

· Mowing of Cross Tree Village green.

· Mowing of Wakefield Close green, end of St Mary’s Close, Grass area at Tuckwell Road, Grass at end of Holford Crescent onto Ham Lane, End of Broadway Close, Areas at High St/Mount Pleasant by post box (2 pieces), Dunfield junction with Top Road Triangle, Grass from Mount Pleasant to Reevey, Reevey Corner, verges by School (2 pieces).

· Grass to be kept at a maximum height of 2” for all areas except the Cross Tree village green, which needs to be kept at 1.5”

· Occasional strimming of the following grass verges (shown as brown strips on map):

- Middle Farm footpath that leads from Top Road to the High Street

- Road side verge along the cemetery wall

· All grass cuttings are to be collected and removed from site.

· Occasional trimming of hedge adjacent to Reevey Footpath may be required to prevent vegetation obstructing footpath. An hourly rate can be submitted for this if easier.

Additional Documents

Kempsford - church end.jpg Kempsford - Reevey end.jpg Kempsford - middle of village.jpg Kempsford - estates.jpg Churchyards & occassional strimming verge.jpg School & occasional strimming Middle Farm footpath.jpg Grass cutting Tender 2023.pdf