Copy Deadline change for next Parish Newsletter


May 2022

Kempsford Parish Council


We have had to bring forward the copy deadline for the next Parish Newsletter as our printers are on annual leave.

Please can you ensure any copy for the newsletter is sent to by Saturday 21st May 2022 at the latest.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Lake 104, Fairford


April 2022


"The Lakes at Cotswold Waters will be hosting an open day for local residents on Saturday 23rd and Tuesday 26th April from 10.00am to 2.00pm to celebrate the opening of a permissive footpath around Lake 104 while construction is underway as well as to show the proposals and plans for improvements to the Public Footpaths around Lake 104, proposed Leisure Centre, details of discounted memberships for residents of Fairford, Quenington, Hatherop, Southrop, Meysey Hampton and Kempsford and the project in general.

Our mission is always to create the best possible environment for the benefit of owners and the local community.

Pedestrian access is via footpath network. Parking is available at the construction yard at Lake 104, entry from A417. “

Road Closure - 400996 St Annes Church to Willow Bank House, Whelford

St Annes Church to Willow Bank House, Whelford


April 2022

Please be advised of the following closure:

400996 St Annes Church to Willow Bank House, Whelford

This road will be closed (as per the attached plan) from 16/05/22 to 20/05/22 to allow for new foul water connection work byHill Groundworks & Waterworks Ltd.

Emergency and pedestrian access will be maintained.

If you should require further information please email

St Annes.jpg

POSTPONED - Annual Parish Meeting



April 2022

The Parish Council has taken the decision to cancel the Annual Parish Meeting next week.

You are probably aware that there is very high numbers of Covid in this area and feel it is not sensible to encourage an unnecessary indoor gathering.

Legally we are required to hold the meeting between the 1st March and 1st June. We will monitor the situation and look to rearrange nearer to the June date. Hopefully case numbers will be lower, more people will have received their spring booster and the weather will be warm enough to have the windows open.


Road Closure at Hannington

C117 (Queens Road) Hannington


March 2022

The C117 (Queens Road) will close to all vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and horse riders from approximately 6.30 am on Thursday 24 March 2022 (near to Staplers Lane) for a maximum of 10-days, to allow Thames Water to put the new mains water pipe across the road. Kier (Thames Water contractors) will be doing all they can to minimise the length of time the road is closed and are hopeful that the work will be completed within 5-6 days. However, this is dependent upon them not encountering any problems.

Parish Councillor Vacancy


March 2022


Further to the recent notice about the vacancy arising from the retirement of Jerry Stokes, the time has passed for an election to be called so the Parish Council now wish toco-opt a new parish councillor.

Could this be you? Are you interested in serving your local community?

Kempsford Parish covers the villages of Kempsford and Whelford, and the hamlets of Dunfield and Dudgrove.

The Council meets monthly, usually the third Tuesday in the month, and meetings are generally held at Kempsford Village Hall, with Whelford Village Hall as a reserve option.

Parish Councillors volunteer their time to work on behalf of their local community. If you have lived in the Parish, or within 3 miles of it, for at least a year and are over 18, you are probably eligible (please check with the clerk for further eligibility criteria). Training will be given by the Gloucestershire Association of Parish & Town Councils, and funded by the Parish Council, if desired.

For a copy of the Application and Eligibility Form, or any further information, please see below or the 'Policies' (under the Parish Council heading) of this website or contact the Clerk.

Applications close on Friday 15th April 2022.

A decision to co-opt an applicant will be made at the next meeting of the Parish Council which will be held on Tuesday 19th April 2022.


Lakes 103 & 104


November 2021



19th November: The Lakes by Yoo is partnering with local land owner Cygnet Investments to create a Holiday Home development on a neighbouring 110 acre site.

This extension comprises of four lakes. The largest of the lakes, currently known as Lake 104 will continue to be accessible to the local community and will be renamed as Cotswold Waters.

The current planning consent will see 77 houses built on two existing lakes, 103 and 103A and 69 apartments built on a new lake called Milestone. In future, these lakes will be known as Lily, Malo and Milestone. The overall project will still be referred to as “The Lakes” and the extended estate will be managed by the current Lakes management team.

This extension to the Lakes estate is being developed with the same principles of ecology and conservation at its core. The focus will be on creating beautiful homes while at the same time investing in and improving the existing environment.

Works have already commenced and wherever possible services will be drawn from the immediate locality, namely Fairford and Kempsford.

The existing Lakes estate has historically delivered a significant positive economic contribution to local businesses and this new extension will do the same.

There is also provision for a new leisure facility to be constructed in the future for the benefit of both the residents and the local community, details and timings tbc.

Importantly, a pledge has been made to ensure the continuation of the community access to the land, lakes and footpaths currently enjoyed by local residents.

A responsible and respectful approach to the construction will be maintained at all times.


Lake 104 footpaths update

Lake 104, Fairford


August 2021

Lake 104 Update

The temporary footpath closures implemented around Lake 103, 103A and 104 in March has sparked lots of comments and concerns.

There will be many people who have moved to the area who possibly are unaware of the planning permission granted back in 2010.

Kempsford and Fairford Council recognise the importance of the area for walkers and in particular the link between the Whelford Road and Fairford. We have had many discussions with the developers since the closures were put in place and are very pleased to say that they have agreed to allow more sections of path to reopen and also a temporary diversion route linking to the Whelford Road.

Alterations to the fencing and signage are currently being undertaken prior to it becoming an active construction site. It will also be monitored daily for health and safety purposes.

On the North side of the Lake - the erected fencing will remain in place as it will be required for some drainage work in the future. These works will be short and intermittent so in the meantime an opening will be created to allow access along the north edge of the lake. Any short subsequent closures will be advertised prior to works being undertaken.

Please note that the land is privately owned and although there is a public right of way/footpath around the lake, much of the land which we have been used to walking over the years is not a public right of way.

We STRONGLY request that the new fencing and signage is respected to prevent more extensive closures being put back. Construction is expected to take some time and it is hoped that by working together and being respectful of essential closures these can be kept to a minimum.

Thank you.

Could you be a community flood warden for the Cotswolds?

Residents at risk of flooding in the Cotswolds could soon be getting a helping hand from community flood wardens thanks to a new initiative from Cotswold District Council.

Cotswold District Council is launching a new flood warden scheme with the help of Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (GRCC). The scheme will involve recruiting and training volunteer flood wardens from across the district and provide information and advice to householders on flood precautions.

Cllr Andrew Doherty, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “It's great news that we are introducing the flood warden scheme here in the Cotswolds. We know the effects that floods in recent years have had on our communities and this scheme will help us to create a network of flood wardens from across the district with a wealth of local knowledge and experience.

“Flood wardens are volunteers trained to help and prepare people in local communities who are at risk of flooding and have been very successful in other areas of the county.

“This is a great opportunity for residents at the heart of their communities to provide a valuable link between emergency services, the Council and the authorities responsible for flooding to ensure all work better to prevent and respond to flooding.”

The Flood Warden programme will look to work closely with town and parish councils to recruit and train volunteers across the district, with those areas most prone to flooding targeted first for the scheme.

Flood Wardens act as the eyes and ears of the community. Whether they are out walking their dog, riding a horse or just walking to the shop they can keep an eye out for blocked drains and culverts, tree branches in rivers, and anything else that may cause a flood risk and act as a communication channel between the community and authorities. The Council will provide volunteer wardens with the tools and training necessary to get the job done.

In addition to being community flood watchers, flood wardens are trained to raise awareness of flooding with residents and promote ‘self-help’. The knowledge of local flood wardens is then used to support the preparation and review of Community Flood/Emergency Plans.

Cotswold District Council is working alongside GRCC to roll the initiative out in advance of the next winter season. Further details will be published on our website over the next few weeks.

Earlier in the year, over 100 residents attended the ‘flooding forum’ run by Cotswold District Council for residents affected by the flooding over the winter with the aim of surfacing issues with the responsible agencies and solving long-standing issues with flooding across the Cotswolds. The Council also wrote to Thames Water in an open letter to try and resolve some of the problems with sewage flooding in Cirencester.

For advice and guidance on flooding, please visit:

Waste water problems in Kempsford

Houses, particularly in the Holford Crescent and Lancaster Road area of Kempsford, have been suffering from waste water problems which have made the downstairs toilets, washing machines and Dishwashers unusable. The problems were traced back to the pumping station near the Church, were the 2 pumps were damaged and were unable to disperse the waste. Tankers have had to be called to remove the waste before they can repair the pumps. The pumps were damaged by materials which should not have been disposed of down the toilets or sinks.

Please do not dispose of items such as disposable nappies, sanitary items and wet wipes down the toilets as these contain plastic which do not break down. Fats and oils should not be disposed of down the sink as they cool to form “Fat Bergs” in the system.

Blackburr Farm Quarry Development Proposal

Get extra support during power cuts

Please see the attached leaflets on how to sign up for extra support during power cuts

Community Wellbeing Service in the Cotswolds

The Community Wellbeing Service in the Cotswolds provides support to improve the health and wellbeing of the community and residents. The effects of the COVID19 lockdown have increased the loneliness and social isolation that we faced in the district, along with the effect it has had on those suffering with mental health issues. If you, or anyone you know has faced issues relating to the above, or other factors impacting their health and wellbeing, then please get in contact for our support.

We are accepting new referrals from anyone in the community, health professionals and self-referrals.

For more information on the service and what we can help with please visit our website To get in contact please call 07738 106384 or email