Help shape the future of Kempsford


Help shape the future of Kempsford

Should Kempsford have any more housing? If so, how many houses, what type of houses and where would they go?

The Bromford regeneration programme of 28 houses will be completely finished and the houses occupied by the end of July this year. The last time any housing was added to Kempsford was the 28 house Hazel View development over ten years ago. In the meantime, the 100 houses on RAF Fairford became fully occupied by RAF families and were then emptied as they were returned to the US Visiting Forces. In the same period we have also had two applications for around 60 and then 30 houses refused – in part because there was no evidence of any new houses being needed in Kempsford.

Over the same period, local organisations generally seem to have difficulty recruiting volunteers to “run things” and the Village School now has places. There are some who may wish to stay in the village but cannot find a property of a different size to either buy or rent, or having grown up in the Village would like to stay in it.

Is there a need for more housing in Kempsford? If so, how many houses, what type of houses and where would they go?

This autumn, all households and businesses in Kempsford Parish will receive a Housing Needs Survey (HNS) pack. This should be completed and returned using either the Freepost envelope provided or via the unique QR codes (if answering digitally). As the letter from GRCC will explain, Kempsford Parish Council has taken the decision to survey all households in order to ascertain housing need. Please look out for GRCC’s posters and social media.

Help us shape the future of Kempsford.

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